Our Company

Vurgun Hunting Arms Industry went into action as Vurgun Commerce in 1979. The company got into the act generally in Turkish and specially in Istanbul market between 1979 -2003 years. In those years, Vurgun Commerce could meet the needs of Turkish market and could reply the demands on foreign requests of exporter Turkish companies as a producer. Regarding the commercial and economic conditions of the period, the company presented a management that we think it is successful in those years.

At the end of the period, Vurgun Commerce continued with taking the name Vurgun Av Malzemeleri İnşaat Turizm Otomotiv ve İmalat Sanayi Ticaret Limited. Through this new structure, the company took crucial steps on institutionalisation and is based on a more professional management understanding.

Prepared for coming today by the establisher Hikmet Vurgun , the company continue to serve hunting, arms and defence industry with its policies making no compromises from morals, reliance and honesty.

Today, the company includes police handcuffs, nightstick, helmet, shield, body protection suit, gun, and ramrods, and industrial brushes in each size in its production line. Recognized by hunting and arms sector, this well-established company widens its product range day by day and continues to develop.


To reply the needs in hunting, defence and arms industries and to remove the deficiencies in those fields in productions in our country are our main missions. By force of our sense of quality, to make any kind of effort in order for our products to be in world class is our another mission.

Vision and Targets

Vurgun Hunting has determined production targets based on meeting customer satisfaction. It follows the technological developments and applies them within the determined standards in order to reach those targets. Within the framework of all said, to carry our Company to international platforms, to market our patented and registered products to the world and to contribute to Turkish industry are our essential targets.